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These bottles come with real natural gemstone rollerballs and crystal chips, to enhance the properties of the oil blend that you choose, for a permanent crystal infusion.

Pick which crystal you would like and choose an aromatherapy blend to go inside the bottle. 10mls                                                                                                     

*PLEASE STATE WHICH BLEND YOU WOULD LIKE WHEN BUYING (you can find the different blends that are available in my store under 'Aromatherapy Rollerball oils').


Aromatherapy can be very beneficial to your daily well-being.
You can use aromatherapy whilst meditating, to clear your energy and space, for protection, to rebalance and uplift you, to release stuck emotions, stress and tension and for many more situations. Aromatherapy has many uses and benefits. 

Aromatherapy Gemstone Rollerball Blends

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  • Crystals have been used for many centuries. They can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and even before that. They were used by many ancient civilisations for their healing power and the powerful energy that they emit. This is because crystals have a piezoelectric charge that interacts with our magnetic/electrical field that we have around our bodies. Different crystals vibrate at a different rate, so can be used to raise and rebalance the energy/vibration of your whole being and aid in the integration of any healing work, within the auric, physical, mental and emotional bodies, which can help alleviate stress and emotional imbalances. These beautiful natural gifts from Mother Nature are powerful and can profoundly aid you on your healing and spiritual journey.

    *All oil blends are made from pure high quality therapeutic grade essential oils. (You can see more about the blends and ingredients by looking at the relevant products in my store).
    **All items are placed on a crystal grid for 48 hours when ordered and are completely handmade and infused with Reiki, Angelic Light and Crystal Energy*

    ***Please note, If you are a child under 16, under a physicians care, pregnant or breast feeding please consult your doctor before purchasing*.